A lapse or a failure?

I have decided to introduce a new rule for my learning challenge. Maybe it is not fair, because the challenge is in progress, but it is more human, rational and realistic.

Until now, I assumed that I had to write a new text every day, no matter what. One day break would be a disaster and complete failure. That’s “all or nothing” thinking. Rather a neurotic attitude. Sometimes it is just hard, and you do not have power, sometimes you had planned it all wrong or you didn’t predict troubles. And then what? Crash? End of the project? It is not fair.

One day gap is not a failure. It is a lapse. You stumble against a curb, but you didn’t take a pratfall. There is no need for canceling endeavor, there is a need for regaining the balance.

But there is a plan dot te lapse. Not punishment, because it doesn’t help, but something that serves to come back on tracks. In my case, it’s an additional morning hour for English. If it happens, that I will not have a new test at the end of the day, the next day I will start with an hour with English.

I will remember also on self-compassion. With lapses, the main enemies are emotions. Especially being mad at yourself myself. At that moment you are like a bird in a trap, the more you try to free yourself, the more you tangled up. Do not be mad, just regain balance and come back on the track.