My dad sometimes advised me: 

– If you do not feel self-assured, you have to repeat, time after time, to your coconut that you are confident, 

It looks like the simplest way to solve all psychological problems. Tell to yourself that you are happy, smart and reach and wait a moment until your subconscious will believe in it. Finally, you are the smart one here and what is located inside your skull has no alternative but to subordinate.


I was trying with great commitment, but more I repeated my affirmations, the worse I felt. It didn’t work for me at all. 

After many years I read about researches on this technique. According to these researches, people who lack self-confidence felt repeating affirmations.

Why? Because with every repeated affirmation, you stimulate conflict between parts of your mind. The conflict makes you feel bad. You feel that not everything is all right with you. 

The only way to persuade your subconscious to give it real proof. Much better than affirmation is little success. Even minuscule success builds confidence. 


I was hard day. I was sure I will not prepare and publish my text. But somehow I did it. Text is bad, but exist. Maybe tomorrow I will improve it.