“I should not be like that! I should not feel fear and insecurity. I should be confident and strong and courageous! Please show me psychological techniques that help me fight against these feelings.”
I asked what he is afraid of.

“I fear disease. I do not want to catch a virus.”

“And you think the fear is irrational?”

“Every emotion is irrational!”

” So let’s put it in another way: do you think these emotions are not legitimized or justified?

“Well… no, I have any other afflictions and contracting the virus could be hazardous to my health.”

That is the way we humans functioning: we fear a dangerous thing, we are uncertain when we try to do something difficult, we are insecure when we do not know what reception we will get.

Shoma Morita, Japanese psychiatrist living in twenties former age wrote:

A delusion develops in a person who wants to feel the coolness from a fire or warmth from water.

It is not rational to expect no emotions in an emotional situation. You suffer not only from fears, but mostly from delusions. When you fear illness, death or loss, it is nothing pleasurable, but you can live with it. You can still do what is necessary.

But when you add to this all delusions, when you fear your fears, when you try not to feel what you feel – you get paralyzed.

In such a situation of great usefulness is taking a big breath and allowing yourself to be human.

Yes, I feel apprehension. Yes, I feel insecure. Yes, my self-confidence at this moment is low. It is normal. I can live with it just as with many other inconveniences.