Eliciting hidden thoughts

I do not know if you have a similar experience. I have it from time to time. I am working hard; I am animated; I have hope, energy and vigor. And then, in one moment, I feel like I would fall in a pit. Suddenly I feel like I’m losing my energy, starting to be pessimistic and losing my zest.

Sometimes it is quite a deep hole. I feel I will never do it; I feel it would be too hard.

Why it happens? Maybe I am a bit tired, but for sure it is not only exhaustion. Maybe I met some problems, but it is not insurmountable.

It all looks incomprehensible and crazy.

But it is much easier to understand when you ask yourselves very simple question: What was just going through my mind? What kind of thought, image, or sensation went through my brain?

When it is hard to find the answer, use the opposite question, ask yourselves about the thought that for sure was not going through your mind. For example:

— Did I thought that I can do it well, and people will love it?

— No. I had quite the opposite idea. I was deliberating – just under surface of my consciousness, what if I fail?