I would like to be like Jane!

“I would like to be like Jane!”

“Why? What she is better at than you?” 

“She can eat a lot of sweets, and she is still thin. Do you know how many teaspoons of sugar she put into her tea?”


“No! Five! I saw it, and she drinks tea three or four times a day. She also drinks coke, and every day she eats up several chocolate bars. I do not use sugar for tea, and I eat candy at most two times a week, and I am heavier than she.”

“Do you think she is in a better position?”

“Yes, I would like to eat sweets with no limits like her, and be thin like she is.”

“I am sure you are in a better situation. Sugar is not only a question of weight. Too much sugar is putting a terrible strain on many vital organs–pancreas, liver, etc. Jane lacks an important warning signal. The tendency to gaining weight protects you against all these dangers.”

I do not know if I convinced her, but I convinced myself that often we treat our blessings like curses. The tendency to going weigh is a warning signal. Your organism speaks: “Hey, slow down with calorie, sugar and eating junk, change something before it is too late!”. You can treat it as protection, not bad luck. 

Shyness? Protects you from making a clown of yourself and engaging in too many shallow relations. 

Migraines? Force you to regenerate your accumulators. 

Luck of persistence? Do not allow to devote too much time on not very promising endeavors.  

Think about your biggest disadvantage and try to find at least one positive side of it.

How you can use it? If it would be a signal, what would it be signaling?

Of course, the key is what you will do with this signal. First, you have to understand it. What my organism tries to tell me?

Second, be proactive. Do something with danger. Face it up. Stop whining and being envy, but instead take remedial actions.