Let us start then!

This is the page to document my project, which aims in English writing fluency.

Today is 1st February 2020, and this is the 1st day of my project.

Where does the idea come from?

In several minutes, I will publish on my Polish blog text concerning the value of investing in yourself, especially in your skills. I have started writing it two weeks ago. It was supposed to be a short post that helps to rank higher in search engines. I have it written fast. However, as happens often in my case, my unconscious mind started to take it over. Maybe I will change this? Maybe I will add that? And step by step, or rather gust of my inside wind by gust, it started to be the canvas for my profound needs. Disappointed of the too impractical first version, I asked myself:

–   What about myself? What kind of investment in myself do I lack? I am endlessly preaching about the value of building your skills and widening the borders of your abilities, but what skills I lack? What skills did I leave without proper attention?

One of the answers was: writing in English. I have published several books in Polish, and every time, when summed my selling I thought to myself:

– Why I do not have it in English, it would be so easier to sell it as a Kindle book on Amazon? All right, I have to learn someday to write in English and start to publish on the international market. It will be soon!

Day by day and years by years passed by, but I still haven’t started to learn it actively.

During writing this text I realized that now is the time to learn.

I have finished my text (now it waits for publishing) and decided to start this page.

It is not the blog I would like to promote. I am not going to look for an audience. The only public I am looking for is me. I am doing it for myself. That is the reason comments are blocked (anyway for now, maybe later it will change).

If so, why I do not hide it completely as a private page? Because I think, it might be an inspiration for other peoples, striving to achieve their goals.

The rules of this project are simple:

Every day, I will write and publish one post counting not less than 250 words (about one page) 100 words (it was to much, I changed it in June 2020). I hope I will do it for 1000 times. A thousand A five hundred pages should be enough to learn good command of writing. Of course not only writing is part of my project. I also plan to read English books (I have started from “Moveable Feast” by Ernst Hemingway), learn vocabulary and study grammar.

After that, I hope I will be able to write and publish books in English. It doesn’t have to be perfect English, the level of a typical eBook will be enough.

It going to be a long, three years journey, but I am excited. Let us start then!