New book rough idea

I want to write a book about self-discipline. What are my motives? I have got two princilal reasons. First, I have conducted training on this subject several times. I made it in several impressive companies, and they liked it. And foremost, during these pieces of training, there were many conversations with participants. It always teaches a lot. It makes that your knowledge undergoes some transformation. It became more solid and practical. But it was some time ago, and today I feel that I remember less and less. I want to preserve my knowledge. Writing a short book seems to be a brilliant opportunity. The second reason is more practical. I want to codify, for myself kind of a system that will allow me to obtain my most fundamental goals.

Self-discipline is the skill of managing your activities in such a way that you obtain your most important goals, notwithstanding your inner conflicts of pursuits.

I do not want to write “on the subject” of self – disciple, but to work out a set of practical rules. There are several such rules. Let’s grab the first one: Rule of the wiggle room. The bigger is the wiggle room, the smaller your discipline. I write this text not because I want it, but because I must. I decided to make it every day, no matter what. It makes no place for wiggling.