Practice not always makes perfect

I am utterly aware that what I am doing here can be ineffective. Regularity, repetition, being active – those are great things. Without it, you cannot change anything. But regular practicing is much too little.

Practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent. Great when you do something in a proper way, pity if you do it wrong. After one hundred repetitions you can engrave your mistakes as something immutable, as your second nature. Without practicing your mistakes are sporadic, with practicing are constant.

What saves us from this danger is feedback. Without sound information on what you are doing correctly and what needs improvements, it is very hard to learn anything well.

Here is the place for a teacher or at least someone who can look at your performance from a perspective, standing aside you and assessing how you are doing.

It is important even in such simple skills as morning exercises. Many people make squats or pushups wrongly, making more harm than benefits for their joints and muscles. The easiest way to ensure that your effort brings benefits is to meet a personal trainer, who can look at how you do it, and give you guidance.

But what if you do not have any personal trainer at hand? Or you cannot allow yourself on using him (or her)? 

That’s the situation I am in with my English. I do not have a personal trainer for my English writing and is not possible to have through the whole project (I can not afford proofreader for three years).

I am not sure if such automatic services as Grammarly (now I use the free version) will be enough.

For now, I do not have a good solution. It is not critical at this moment. For now, I aim to build the habit and get in the groove. But I am aware of the hazard.