Self-confidence during learning

Self-confidence is essential in many areas of our life. It is important when confronting obstacles, when meeting foes on your way, when presenting your work to the world, even when socializing. It is important also when you want to learn something new.

Many problems during learning do not stem from a lack of intelligence, talent, motivation or weak not learning techniques, but from lack of self-confidence. We do not believe we are in a position to acquire skills.

– I will never learn how to use a computer–says old lady–not at my age, you can’t teach old dog new tricks.

– I am not good in math, coding is not for me, I will never grasp it.

– I cannot learn a new language, I do not have the talent for languages.

If you say you can’t learn something, you will not learn it. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. I do not put the whole heart in learning (or more, avoid learning) because I am afraid it will be fruitless. Because I am sparing myself, I don’t accomplish meaningful results and I get to conclusions that any learning is futile in my case.

But what it means to believe in yourself during learning?
In learning, self-confidence is the conviction that in the future you will do what you cannot do now. I can’t play guitar, but I am convinced that someday I will stand before a thousand fans and play great solo. I know nothing about business, but I will be a successful businessman. I can’t code, but I am sure I will work as a good reliable developer. At this moment I can be the worst guitarist, businessman or developer on the word, by it does not bother me, because I believe it will change.

However, confidence is not a passive expectation. Also, it is not fantasies of a marvelous future. When you believe in yourself you do not believe in the future or chain of circumstances that make you the new man. When you believe in yourself you believe that now, at this moment you have a seed of the tree that will grow because of your effort.

I have the seed and it is enough to water it by my effort and perseverance to allow it to grow.