Starting again

I have planned this project for 3 years. And it stopped after one month. What a shame. March 11th, when fear of pandemic has started from the ground, everything collapsed. Four months later I ask myself: is it the end or only the hiatus? Have I given up or only have felled down?
When I was a boy, I used to be an altar boy. The parish priest was a great man. But I luck steadiness and persistence. So after half a year, I stopped to serve the Masses. Accidentally, I met the priest.
— How it’s going? – he asked – I haven’t seen you for a long time.
— I am sorry.
— No problem. Do you still want to serve?
— Yes, but…
— But?
— But I am too shy to come back.
— It is better to be shy for one moment than to regret it for a year. You can always start again.
If you are still living, there is no reason to take any pause for a closedown. Stand up and move along. If you feel shame, be brave to endure it till you redeem it by strong deeds. And one more thing: make your expectations lower. If you had so long hiatus, probably your goals and expectations were too high. When it concerned such a project as this, when you are learning a lot of unknown things, it is much more important how long many days you endure than how much you do every single day.