They were cleaning train passenger cars from inside. They had to collect litter, sweep the floor, clean the ceiling, and wash all the windows and mirrors. A lot of things to do. It was a summer job, to earn some money for a trip abroad. They get paid piecework, so they worked quickly, without any breaks. But passenger car has many nooks and crannies and glass surfaces, so after several hours they had only two or three cars cleaned. 

“We have to work faster! I don’t want to spend here all night,”–said one of them. 

“Right, let’s move. I still have power,” the other said. 

Both of them, almost boys, looked exhausted, quite different than at the beginning. Third of them was an older man assigned to their team, who they saw for the first time, and who, as they supposed, he was full-time cleaner.

He looked the same, even though he worked faster and did more. When they rushed even quicker, he stopped and seated at the reclined seat, comfortably pulling his leg and closing eyes. 

“Are you tired old man?” asked the first one. 

“No”–he answered without opening his eyes. 

“So let us move, man, we do not have spare time!”

“I am waiting”

“Waiting for what?”

The old man opened his eyes, got up springy, narrowed his eyes and stared at the end of the car they came from. Young men looked in the same direction. The old man shook his head and opened the window. There was dark outside. He leaned out the window and looked for something.

“Who do you wait for?  

“Do you want to know?”

“Yes, if it will help us to move on.”

“I am waiting for your souls. You have lost it somewhere because you worked too fast. Just seat down next to me and wait for it. Your souls are a little bit slower than your mind and body. You need to wait for it. If you still be working without spirits, we will have to do it one more time, and we lost much more time. Just give your souls a chance to catch you”.